Russia showcases new fighter jet RESISTENT to radio jamming amid World War 3 fears


The Sukhoi Su-30SM is an updated version of Su-30MKI, the air superiority fighter built for the Indian Air Force by Russia's Sukhoi aircraft manufacturer.

A short clip of the super-maneuverable warplane in action shows a fleet of fighter pilots performing a series of aerobatic stunts, including the iconic Pugachev's Cobra, while firing rockets.

According to Air Force Technology, the jet can be used in counter-air strikes, counter-land and counter-sea missions, and is highly resistant to radio jamming.

The SM version of the Sukhoi Su-30 conducted its first maiden flight in 2012.

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Russia has been heavily investing in its military, with the navy due to get two advanced new frigates armed with cruise missiles and a new type of air defence missile system by the end of 2020.

In May, Russian Missile Troops and Artillery commander General Mikhail Matveyevsky announced the Kremlin was replacing its Tornado-S multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS)d with the lighter, easier to mobilise Smerch systems.

Vladimir Putin also unveiled new T-14 Armata tank, which can annihilate targets more than five miles away and is invisible to missiles.

Sukhoi Su-30SM .

The Sukhoi Su-30SM is Russia's most sophisticated fighter jet

Sukhoi Su-30SM YOUTUBE

The jet performs the breathtaking Pugachev's Cobra move while firing rockets

In September the country revealed a rapid-fire cannon, designed for use on the T-50 fifth-generation fighter jet, capable of shooting 1,800 rounds per minute.

The gun's manufacturers claim it is capable of piercing modern armoured vehicles and marks a significant step forward in weapons development for the Russian military.

Russia's huge military spending has put neighbouring countries and NATO on alert, as tensions between Moscow and the trans atlantic alliance remain high.


A pilot takes the Sukhoi Su-30SM for a spin

NATO has been gradually increasing its presence on Russia’s borders after additional forces were spotted participating in exercises.

Last week Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu lashed out at NATO amassing on its western border, adding Russia must neutralise the emerging threat.

He said: “The military and political situation at our western borders remains tense and shows a tendency to escalation.”

Russia will receive more than 1,800 pieces of new and modernised hardware by the end of this year, he added.

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