Mindhunter release date: When is Mindhunter out on Netflix? Cast, trailer, more


When is Mindhunter on Netflix?

Fittingly, Mindhunter premieres worldwide on Netflix on Friday October 13.

The first season is comprised of 10 episodes, but has already been renewed for a second series.

All 10 episodes will be made available at the same time, so binge-watchers are in for a treat.

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What is Mindhunter about?

Mindhunter follows two Elite Serial Crime agents as they interview a string of evil murderers and rapists.

Produced by acclaimed director David Fincher, the series is based on the real life experiences of John Douglas – the FBI agent who profiled the likes of Charles Manson and Ted Bundy.

Mr Fincher, who directed four of the episodes, said the writers stuck as close to the facts as possible, while adding their own story arc.

Jonathan Groff in MindhunterNETFLIX

Mindhunter release date: Netflix's new show will be released on October 13

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“A lot of [the interviews with serial killers] were taken verbatim,” he explained to Time Magazine.

“The Kemper interviews, the Manson interviews — that stuff is pretty well documented.

“We stayed as close to that as we could while still having a dramatic arc.”

Set in the late 1970s, Mindhunter explores the early days of psychological profiling at a time where its methods were considered extremely controversial.

Holt McNally, who stars as Bill Tench, told the LA Times that the FBI was once one of the “most conservative” agencies in the world and was not interested in empathising with serial killers.

Mindhunter: David Fincher directing MindhunterNETFLIX

Mindhunter release date: Mindhunter was produced by David Fincher

Who is in the cast of Mindhunter?

Jonathan Groff stars as Holden Ford, a special agent in the FBI’s behaviour science division and a fictionalised version of John Douglas .

The actor, who is best known for Looking and The Normal Heart, described Mindhunter as “chilling”

He told the LA Times: “One of the things that is so chilling about Mindhunter is that it humanises the serial killers, these sad, guys with damaged pasts and mental problems. It's so much scarier to look at them as human beings.”

Alongside him is Scully’s Holt McCallany, who plays grizzled veteran Bill Tench.

Meanwhile, Fringe’s Anna Torv stars as an FBI psychologist called Wendy.

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