Hillary Clinton vows to give Harvey Weinstein money to charity – but suffers huge backlash

Hillary Clinton with Harvey Weinstein.

Hillary Clinton with Harvey Weinstein

The Democrat took five days to denounce the behaviour of Mr Weinstein, who contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to her political campaigns over the years.

Mrs Clinton finally said she was “shocked and appalled” by the allegations against her former ally.

And she vowed to handover any campaign contributions to charity, while keeping the details vague.

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In an interview on CNN, she said: “Of course I will do that.

“I give 10 per cent of my income to charity every year.

“This will be part of that. There’s no doubt about it.”

The pledge was quickly celebrated by Mrs Clinton’s supporters who hit out at critics for trying to draw her into the scandal.

Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton

Yesterday, an aide claimed she would be giving back $13,000, covering the money donated to five of her campaigns.

But questions were raised over whether she should contribute the money on top of her usual 10 per cent.

If not, the cash would appear to be replacing dollars she was already handing over.

It is also not known if the money will end up going to her own charity, the Clinton Foundation.

Harvey Weinstein has split from his wife.

Harvey Weinstein has split from his wife

The lack of clarity sparked a furious online backlash against Mrs Clinton.

CNN reporter Dylan Byers tweeted: “HRC says HW $$ will go to 10% she gives to charity every year.

“Shouldn’t it be on top of the 10% in order to mean something?”

Another tweeter fumed: “She said she'd donate the Weinstein money to charity.

“Too bad it will probably be the Clinton Foundation.”

The Democratic National Committee and several Democratic politicians who received political contributions from Weinstein made more detailed promises this week.

They pledged to reroute thousands of pounds to specific women's rights groups.


Harvey Weinstein: Who are the actresses accusing Harvey Weinstein?

Wed, October 11, 2017

Harvey Weinstein has been accused of rape and sexual harassment by more than a dozen women including Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow. Here are the actresses accusing Harvey Weinstein?

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Speaking about the allegations, Mrs Clinton told the channel: "I was just sick. I was shocked. I was appalled.

“This was a different side of a person that I and many others had known in the past.

“People in Democratic politics for a couple of decades appreciated his help and support.”

Allegations continued to be made about the Hollywood producer today, with Myleene Klass claiming he once offered her a “sex contract”.

The 65-year-old is thought to have checked into rehab and is now under investigation by the UK police alongside US cops over sex assault claims.

This week Mr Weinstein’s wife Georgina Chapman left him, saying: “My heart breaks for all the women who have suffered tremendous pain because of these unforgivable actions.”

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