Great British Bake Off 2017: Contestant suffers embarrassing fall amid final – watch here


Sophie Faldo was in the middle of waiting for her selection of bread bakes to finish in the oven on the Channel 4 series, when the pressure became too much.

The 34-year-old blurted nervously: "I'm concerned that my ciabatta won't have enough holes in it! That my spelte will be like bricks!"

Staring at the oven, she suddenly had an idea: "Maybe I should do one of those yoga poses?"

Crouching into a seemingly awkward balancing position, the former army officer surprised herself when she managed to hold it for a few seconds.

Sophie and StephenCHANNEL 4

GBBO: One contestant suffered from an awkward fall during the final

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Sophie FaldoCHANNEL 4

GBBO: Sophie tried some yoga poses as she waited for her bakes


GBBO: Sophie laughed through the ordeal

Maybe I should do one of those yoga poses?

Sophie Faldo

But as her body stumbled, she slipped and fell onto the floor of the carpeted tent.

Laughing, the contestant repeatedly rolled over for a few seconds before getting back to the serious business of monitoring her baking.

The episode also saw judge and master-baker Paul Hollywood threaten to walk out on the iconic show.

When presenter Noel Fielding asked the celebrity chef what he would do if the remaining three contestants were even at the end of the episode, Paul, 51, responded bluntly.

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The judges and presenters for The Great British Bake Off


GBBO: The star went on to win the show


"If they're all even I'm walking out of here!" he said.

Great British Bake Off will be available to watch on the All 4 player after airing.

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