Carol Vorderman admits she is a ‘party animal’ after confessing to sleeping on a TOUR BUS


Carol Vorderman admits to being a party animal

In a candid interview with Radio Times, the former Countdown presenter told how she used to amaze the late frontman of the show Richard Whiteley with her partying ways.

And she also revealed how she had recently ended up on someone’s bed at an aftershow party on the tour bus of the popular singer-songwriter Rag’n’ Bone Man.

Ms Vorderman said: “I go out a lot. I am a party animal, let’s not lie about this. Richard Whiteley used to say to me, ‘Vorders, you could make trouble in an empty room’.”

And she added: “He wasn’t wrong. People have an image in their heads of who I am and it’s really quite wrong.

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Carol Vorderman did a candid interview with Radio Times

I am a party animal, let’s not lie about this

Carol Vorderman

“The party side of me isn’t a side that generally I allow to be seen.

“I went to see Rag’n’ Bone Man in concert recently and ended up on someone’s bed in the tour bus. I’m like a grenade you pull the pin on.”

Ms Vorderman recently worried fans when she appeared on the One Show looking puffy eyed. But she later explained that the show had come shortly after the death of her mother Joan, who died aged 88 following a battle with terminal cancer.

She said of the appearance: “On medication at the time, no sleep, heartbroken.


Carol Vorderman cheers home a winner at Ascot Races last week

Carol Vorderman in pictures

Sat, October 21, 2017

Carol Vorderman flaunts curves in pictures.

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Carol Vorderman flaunts her curves in skintight dress at Ascot WENN

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Carol Vorderman flaunts her curves in skintight dress at Ascot

“Face puffy, eyes red and generally looking a mess? Yes. But that was months ago. Now fighting fit and full of energy.

“And in the great scheme of life, so what to all!”

And she added that it did not upset her that people seemed to obsess about her looks.

She said: “I have a thick skin because I’ve been around a while. If I were younger I’d be annoyed because there’s an obsession with looks now, in a way that there never was.


Vorderman first appeared on Countdown in 1982

“It’s utterly hypocritical, because people go, ‘It’s what you do, not how you look, that matters’ then report on exactly the opposite. They just mind about what you look like.”

Ms Vorderman first appeared on Countdown as the maths supremo way back in 1982.

She went on to secure her place on the hit show, appearing for 26 years from 1982 until 2008.

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