Nine dead as police find dismembered bodies and severed heads in flat with ‘nasty smell’

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Nine bodies have been found in cool boxes by police in Zama, Japan

One of the nine dismembered bodies found in cool boxes has been identified as a missing 23-year-old woman and a neighbour claimed a “nasty smell” had been present since August.

The gruesome scene discovered in the apartment with cooler boxes containing at least two heads.

A neighbour said to reporters: “There's been a nasty smell coming from that apartment. I first noticed it back in August.”

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The woman is believed to have posted about wanting to commit suicide online before meeting the man.

A DNA test will be carried out in an attempt to discover the identities of the bodies.

Japan bodies.

Neighbours have reported a bad smell coming from the apartment outside of Tokyo

There's been a nasty smell coming from that apartment

A neighbour

Japanese authorities have a suspect in custody who they are preparing to formally arrest.

The investigation of the woman’s disappearance led police to a man thought to be in his twenties.

The 27-year-old man was was arrested on suspicion of abandoning a body, police said.

Japan police.

Police have arrested a 27-year-old man for abandoning a body

The search for the missing woman began after her brother enter a Tokyo police station to report that he had not heard from her for several days on October 21.

The search led to the apartment in Zama after the brother logged onto a suicide website using his sister’s password and discovered messages between the two.

Local media report that the apartment was filled with a foul odour despite the suspect keeping the bathroom fan running at all times.

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